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The Best Coffee BEANS

Try one of our certified coffees BEANS AND POWDER for a rewarding coffee experience. Sourcing our coffee starts with creating direct relationships with growers around the world. The art of crafting the best tasting coffee requires respecting each individual roast. Knowing the specific origin and optimal roast for each coffee, allows for a balanced flavor profile and captures the unique flavor characteristics for each bean.

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Best Beans

Knock-out blends and world class single origins. Bold espressos and flavour filled filter roasts. All sustainably and transparently sourced, so you can feel great about your coffee, knowing it’s supporting farmers and their communities.

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We pride ourselves on personal relationships with our producers and customers alike. Most importantly, we pay our farmers fairly so that they can invest in their land, their employees, and their communities; all in the name of a more sustainable future for all.

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Our core belief is that numbers don’t lie. Committed to sharing all possible information regarding the prices we pay for our world-class coffees, we get a buzz from arming fellow coffee lovers with the tasty truth about what’s in your cup of brew.

DELSUR PARTS, born as a necessity for all those people that does coffee service out in the fields, with necessities of repair coffee/ espresso machines with simple, reliable, and good quality products.
Many parts that are sell by others coffee parts companies, and even coffee machine manufactures are developed just to work for some time, increasing their own sales, but making technician looks bad with final costumers.
We also are technicians that know which parts are more “breakable” than others. And we focuses in that… the weak point of each machine, we find the solution and develop a product that make machine more profitable.
Now DELSUR PARTS is pointing to sell espresso machines with REAL prices as FUTURMAT from Spain, and Italian Casadio.
Also we sell all EVERPURE water filters. Our goal is serve you and all the different coffee service areas.

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Wholesale Cafe Coffee Machines & Equipment

Your customers are expecting the best cup of coffee from you, and our wholesale cutting edge brewing equipment will help you deliver. We supply cafe coffee supplies and equipment that feature speed, power, and reliability to provide a more efficient way to brew.

Automatically maintaining chamber temperature, the Mythos grinder allows for a better quality of espresso extraction.

To ensure your tamping is perfectly level, Puqpress automates the tamping process to provide precision. Industry workhorse  prides itself on being a stable, reliable, and versatile espresso machine, while the Black Eagle is known for being solid, consistent, and precise.

With the push of a single button, Übermilk’s frothing system creates milk foam suitable for latte art for up to 200 drinks per hour.